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Christ. It's been so long since I wrote in here, I have no fucking clue what to say. Plenty of stuff has gone on. Tobias has disappeared again, and Val Russell has moved to the West Coast, leaving Operand and I in an interesting situation. Mostly because of one big question: who is the ranking Virtual Adept in Pittsburgh? Is it me, who's only been there for a year, but has more knowledge in certain areas, or is it him, who has seniority timewise? Good question; one I don't know how to answer. And since he hasn't been around lately, when I have, it's a question that's currently going unanswered. Hell, I've got enough problems without answering that question in the first place. VICTOR seems to be back, using a different moniker and threatening to blow the fuck out of anyone in his way. One of whom is yours truly. He still has a huge ass axe to grind. I need to ask Vertigo what he said to us a couple months ago, when he left off the first time. My memory tends to be sievelike at the best of times. This isn't the best of times.

One more thing about Operand in regards to me. I am a social misfit and in his regard I crashed and burned. Yay Heavy Metal, acting more like Vertigo's namesake in your interpersonal relationships. Anyway.

Spencer, that crazy motherfucker, ended up getting himself killed somehow. So much for teaching him not to get in trouble. Turns out he has another crazy brother named Noogie. Something of a pothead, I guess, but his head (or maybe I ought to say his heart) is in the right place. Yeah. Definitely the latter.

There's been a serious influx of new blood into Pittsburgh's mage society. First there is at least one more Celestial Chorister, a pair of Akashics who are at opposite ends of that spectrum (Vincent is very monklike, and there is a guy whose name I didn't file who's a lot like Jonny Cage from Mortal Kombat. Note to self, search the IMDB for his movies), one Euthanatos, and some Virtual Adept who works at UPitt. His name is Dr. Anson, or something like that, and despite the fact he's gotten in as thick as thieves with Operand, he still tends to raise the hackles on the back of my neck. And frankly...with my training, that's not a sensation you want. I made a deal with that devil anyway for a new piece of equipment for the Wing, but God knows how that will turn out. Gods know what I'll be able to do with any of it anyway, considering what's going on. I may be a smoking and charred corpse before it does me any good, right?

Personal cynicism and pessimism aside, I suppose we shall see.

Heavy Metal out.

[encryption enabled]

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