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I didn't make it to the last meeting of the minds, 4/04. I was a bit busy, all things considered, between rebuilding the dragon shrine in my garage and getting things all settled. But I was back in classic style on the 18th. Yay me. Note the sarcasm.

Good news: Tobias somehow managed to get back. Happy Heavy Metal. But it turned all his bones to metal (a certain twist of magick I thankfully -noticed- before finishing my shuffle-pounce-hug, considering that would've hurt like hell). Upon informing me of this, Azure enlisted my help in looking for Jeffrey (our escaped prisoner, as she dubbed him)--or, more properly, summoning a spirit to spy on Jeffrey.

Uh, I'm a Virtual Adept? Remember?

Nevertheless, I did help. Maybe I shouldn't have, in retrospect. I didn't know what it was that Azure was trying to summon, but she definitely, definitely overdid it. I sort of figured that out when I heard all the cats outside the garage (which seems to be The Place to Do Things, for me, when I'm out of the Wing). When the Siamese walked through the door, I definitely figured things were not quite all as they seemed. Then Azure and the Siamese started speaking. In mews. I decided to step out, and life got even more interesting when I got back. Being quick on the uptake, if not in the actual physical sense, I stopped at the closest organic market and picked up some sashimi, fresh cream, and caviar. As well as some twenty-pound bags of cat kibble. Forethought is everything. Turns out the 'guest' to my garage was none other than the Queen of Cats. I didn't quite find that out until later. Seems she likes Azure and plans to stay, and she agreed to look for Jeffrey. My part of the deal that was cut? I get to babysit, and then find homes for, four of her strays.
Well. I've got work cut out for me.

Of course, the police phone call was a lot of fun. No Officer, I'm not running a kitty boarding house, neither is my landlord to my knowledge. Why yes, Officer, there sure seem to be a lot of strays...I'll do what I can. Oh yeah. I can kiss ass with the best of them.

I got a strange cell call from Katherine after that. I'm going to have to ask her what went on, when I finally see her. I was a bit busy getting kitties settled. Operand was MIA by then. Hope he doesn't mind a dozen extra roommates...

Oh well. I'm gonna be eating a lot of homemade noodles and rice for a while.

Shit! Why didn't I think of this before?! Time to do that particular search--more information on this Chantry, its previous residents, our erstwhile friend Jeffrey, and perhaps even more on VICTOR himself.

Let's get crackin'. Heavy Metal out.

--logout 11:16


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