Mar. 8th, 2003

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I have a hangover.

I need to hit Vertigo.

More later when I can think.


Okay, so I've been lazy. Well, not lazy. I keep forgetting alcohol and my joints make a bad mix, thanks to a number of things. The time now is 21:27, and I have levered my butt out of bed. Of course, I had to be allowed to humiliate myself a bit before I ever got my drunk self into bed...but I won't rehash that here. Allow me to elucidate on the ever-amusing meeting of the minds that happens every other Friday.

To begin, we can start with the chewing-out I got from the Captain. And by that I don't mean myself. No. Captain Lance Sijan, USAF, Retired (well, forcibly. I'd say you were retired if you were dead, no?). Apparently I've been lax in regards to my duties, and he had to give me something of a slap in the face. Joy. After he was done dressing me down, I ended up popping out next to Tobias...something I'm certain neither of us expected. It did, however, allow me to meet two of Tobias' new...proteges is a good word, I think. Azure and Abby. I forget their last names, but what I do remember works for now. More on Azure later, definitely.

Let it never be said that I don't get a wild hair up my ass. In casual conversation, mentioning the nameless prisoner to a couple of the other mages, it was decided we'd all go look for him. That went fairly well to start with in that we actually found him and talked to him for a while. I can't say why he's down there--he seems like a completely harmless old man to me. A bit underfed, but he did mention that there have been problems lately with food going down there. But apparently VICTOR didn't like it that we were down there...possibly the mime's actions didn't help much. I'm not sure why he went back down the corridor, but both Operand and Azure went to try and get him out, and VICTOR totally freaked. Neither Katherine nor I chewing him out helped, but by some miracle Operand got himself, Azure, and the mime out. Of course, things didn't improve from there.

There was some sort of intruder alert--one that ended up being a rather large egg. Something that was going to hatch, it seemed. Azure took some control of the situation--somehow (damned if I know how) she knew how to take care of dragon eggs. So one gigantic brazier and some C-4 from my lab later, we had a nice bonfire going to help the egg hatch, which it did, into one hell of a destructive little dragon. Somehow Azure got the attention of another dragon...which led to the eventual arrival of the baby's parents. During all this, in an attempt to get food for the little meeper, Operand went to the cybercafe, came back, and yarked all over, in classic signs of something I'd only seen in a few fellow combat vets at the VA hospital...I'll have to ask him about it sometime. He said that someone had gotten violently killed at the cybercafe, and cops were crawling all over it.

Well, fuck. Not to mention Val was supposed to come back, and someone was supposed to go pick her up. What was it I said? It doesn't rain here, it pours? Maybe I should've said it produces gale-force winds and typhoonal rains. It'd be more accurate.

Anyway, once the dragons departed (not before the big ones scared the hell out of Azure, and the little one demanded tribute in the form of lots of gold and a shrine of sorts), it was decided that Azure, Operand, and I most definitely were going drinking. About then, Vertigo shows up, bitching because the baby dragon had messed up his lab. Azure just about blew up at him, but all things considered, he took it well, and even charmed her a bit. Got to hand it to him. My partner, at times, does have charisma up the yang.

About then, Tobias reappeared with something *really* potent in a flask. So things get more than a bit hazy. I remember complaining to what seemed to be an angel (it was trying to calm Azure down) that I was going to hell. I also remember making a fake I.D. for Azure, too. Then it all gets really damn fuzzy, until I got shoved into a bed.

I don't think I should've taken that disintegrator ray from Zack. And I know I'm never gonna live down that e-mail I sent Operand...

Life's a bitch and so am I, let's count the days before I die.

--logout 21:52


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