Mar. 23rd, 2003

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Apparently we've had an ongoing series of CFs lately, and this Friday was no surprise. It seems for some reason VICTOR decided to go absolute apeshit, and kick us all out of the Chantry/Realm...but that's not all! No, he had to try to frag us all first. Thankfully Katherine and Pythagorus were nearby. Not only that, somehow Rick Vankin picked me up and *carried* my crippled ass out of there. The dude deserves some serious kudos for that, he saved my six. We were pretty well freaked out, with good reason. Is all this what happens when we try to do a kindness to a guy who got locked up fifty years ago? 'Cause if it is, I need to become more of a fucking hardcase than I already am. I only hope Operand got out okay; last I knew, he was still in the Realm proper.

Next on our lovely menu: Heavy Metal Fucks Up! Yeah, I did, and I ain't proud of it. Seems Vertigo told me to try and gather information on VICTOR. What did I do? Tried to prove that I am teh hot shit, and tried to -hack- him. I'm a fucking dumbass. All I did was get us ass-deep in alligators, and now Tobias is MIA. I'm lucky we're all not deader than doornails.

Next time, I'll do this right. But first I've got to do some reconnaissance...Heavy Metal out.

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