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Amended Date: 21 February 2003.

What a god-damn clusterfuck, if I ever saw one!

Operand was finally stumping around. Color me glad to see the kid. Not to mention Zack showed his face out of his lab for a while. Just in time for the shit to hit the fan in classic style.

First, the Spirit of the Path of Magic shows up (that asshole), and announces that it's only a matter of time until the Fourth Path is summoned. For some reason, I don't buy that, but it doesn't prevent everybody from splintering once. Fuuuck. Operand, Tobias, and I end up in the Horizon Realm discussing things--at least until Magick fucking *kicks us out* of the Realm. Once we finally get back in, everything seems kosher, but gods know what the hell was really happening. Which of course, means I'm even more closed-mouthed than usual. I'm paranoid on a good day, what the hell can I say? And can you blame me?

Anyway, we end up discussing things with Pythagorus, the souped-up familiar-type DeLorean. Ask him a few questions (as well as having a couple interesting crosses with VICTOR, too). Including one about the Well of Souls.

Turns out the little fucker knew where it was! God damn! I wonder what the hell else he knows and just has conveniently not SAID anything about, because he's not bonded to one of us. As it is, he demanded a wash, a bunch of chocolate pudding (*insert eyeroll here* Familiars!), and some Quintessence. After giving in (yeah, I can wash the Wing, I can wash a car, so that's what I did--and waxed him, too. There's a freebie for you, you Back to the Future casting-call reject), he told us where the Well was. And of course, a bunch of us went there.

Originally, I didn't do too much. A couple of mini-drones...and admittedly, curiosity killed the kitty-cat, and I checked out the Well once we figured out what it did. Never in my life did I expect to get thrown, eventually, into a fucked-up time warp with a bunch of people.

I think I finally burnt my bridges with Tobias, and not in a good way. Seemed like there was a spirit there, too (fuck, it doesn't rain around here, it pours), but it didn't want anything too 'difficult'. Yah, just go out and kill the first non-Awakened person you see. I didn't like it, we'll start there. But I figured...hey, we'll go literal. The first person I see. So take me over to the Technocrat hive, and I'll go cap a few acolytes, throw a wrench in their business. Tobias took a little offense to it...not that I can blame him...but this was the first time he and I ever officially disagreed on anything, and there was just something...lost, I guess, in the translation.

Face it, Mer. You're just better off at flying solo missions. Get your head out of your ass and realize it.

--logout 15:54
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