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Haven't got much time to jot this all down in, but damned if I won't try. Too much shit has hit the fan recently...too much to relate, almost. Seems like I was right when I thought I was missing something, I just didn't know how fucking much...

In any case. Three embodiments, three 'spirits of humanity', if you will. Some fucking Nephandus--the same one who was blitzing the Chantry a few months ago--somehow summoned the damn things. Or so Tobias has told me, and if I trust anyone to cover my backside, it's him. Then again, apparently he wasn't expecting one of the spirits to squash said Nephandus like the bug he was--Man, I think I was told. It didn't help that another Nephandus showed up later...and this one used to be Tobias' friend, Richar, I think I heard the guy's name was.

Well, things went to pot damn quick. Phil and Man went off on Richar, even though he claimed he only wanted to 'talk'. Now, I don't trust Nephandi as far as I can throw them--with the way my body is these days, it's not far at all--but if it'd help us with a problem? Sure, I'd listen. Take the information with a salt mine, instead of a grain of salt, but I'd listen. And I'll admit to training a gun on the guy, but there was no way in hell I'd fire without being told to.

Didn't help much, because Phil was only too happy to finish the job Man started. Damn that Nephandus anyway for guilt-tripping me. I am not so damn triggerhappy as to be lumped into a group like that. Contrary to what I seem to come off as, spreading blood and gore like a bad splatterpunk movie is not my main objective in life. It doesn't get better, only worse.

Most of us go back to the Realm. No surprise there. Zack's been holed up in his lab for months, Operand is still busy recovering from worshipping the porcelain god (fucking flu), and gods only know where Vertigo hied his ass off to. Tobias went off to meditate for a bit, and I accompanied him, if nothing else to just keep an eye out. We were still pretty much on the main path, and Phil comes over and makes a comment about how Tobias is 'going senile'. Yeah. Well, I decide that keeping my mouth shut is better in this situation, and so I do. So Phil goes off and continues on his business, whatever the hell that is. And while this might not've been the most intelligent thing of me to do, I told Tobias what he said when he returned. I know things haven't been easy for him as of late, but...I had to. I wouldn't want something like that hidden from me, and I've got too much respect for him to not tell him.

Dammit. I'm getting worked up again just trying to recall all this crap. Maybe I'll write more later. Sometimes, I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth it.

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