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The high's over: time to actually hack out a log for last night's so-called 'meeting of the minds'.

The good news is: Operand's fat has been yanked from the fire. Vertigo, Katherine, Val, Zack, Tobias, and myself managed to work together and track the VE ship that he was being held in (the drones work, if I wouldn't fall on my ass, I'd be happydancing, believe me). The ship wasn't in the original place Katherine and I had tracked it to, but that ended up being only a minor setback. Really, I could not be happier with the way it turned out. Maybe it wasn't as precise as a military operation, but considering I'm with a bunch of willful civilians now, I can't exactly complain, can I?

Zack and Katherine infiltrated the ship (I'd've gone myself, but seriously, Vertigo can't fly the Wing, and I'm almost useless on solid ground), while Val, Tobias, and Vertigo were backup. I flew the Wing, and did my best to coordinate. It took some time, and Zack, Katherine, and Operand were all fairly beat up by the time they got back on the ship, but any rescue mission where the other side takes the most casualties is a success.

Then we went back to the cybercafe (well, Operand's recuping somewhere...need to find out where), and the shit hit the fan, but good. Ended up gods-knows-where with the so-called Inhabitant of the Realm bitchfesting at us, because certain people (who will remain unnamed, at the moment) had to raise a sheer stink at the emergency Chantry Council that was put together the last time we all met. Fuck. Some people need more than two neurons to rub together. It'd to the rest of us some good. That or they need to get their heads out of their collective asses and give us all a break.

Anyway, now there's a new group of Councillors, one from every Tradition. VICTOR Univac's actually got a position (and weren't certain people pissed when they found out I swore the Oath to take him as a fellow? Fuck them. I was the only person left standing and coherent when it came down to that. Chain of Command, you sad fucks.), he's Minister of Protocol. Of course, I've got to see about building him some access stations...there's always that gopher address, but it'd probably be better to get him a dedicated line to certain areas where we tend to hang around. I'm a bit relieved by the fact that Katherine is Deacon, and Tobias is one of the Justices. At least they have a good head on their shoulders. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not shedding any tears over no longer holding position as an Exactor, either. I accepted it at first to open the Chantry, because it was an emergency. I knew that it was possible, if not likely, for me to lose such a position.

The one thing that does worry me is the fact that now, our troublemaker is a Councillor. Which means he's got ways to cover his ass. I was told not to go to the Umbra if I could help it, but that bolloxed up. Need to get some sort of personal recording device, or build one. Not that that's beyond my capabilities. I'm tired of being threatened because I'm a Virtual Adept or whatever the fucking reason is. Conformity doesn't work. If you want to go be part of Big Brother, go be a Greyface.

He thinks he's got the power now. It'll be fun to watch and see karma come around and bite him in the ass.

I've got to be off anyway. Got to find out where Operand is. Val told me outright to keep an eye on him, if I could. Not like it's any chunk out of my day, especially if I can bring along some of my toys.

-logout 22:18
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