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Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

I'd say I'm happy that my fucking driving lessons are almost over, but I'm not. Why is that? Because Operand's disappeared, and it's my fucking fault.

I'm not entirely sure who or what took him, but if the e-mail he sent is any indication, it's the freaking Void Engineers. I wish I'd have talked to him before he ran off. The entire damn mail smelled of a set-up. Maybe it's just my paranoia. Maybe it's the fact that all the information that they sent could've been tied back to me, personally. (Void Engineers? A ship? Christ, couldn't be talking about the Wing, could they? Naaah...)

As if that wasn't enough to twist my Jockeys, we've finally got the Chantry up for the moment...and THAT is one hell of a shitball that got dropped in everyone's collective lap. Supposedly it got attacked by Nephandi? The Realm proper, that is. I didn't get a great deal of information before I got dragged into that...maybe I ought to ask Tobias the next time I see him. He may not look like much, but he's got a brain, which is more than I can say for most of the so-called Awakened around this place. I can (sort of) understand Jashem's problem with the way we booted up the Chantry the way we did, but it's not like I exactly had a hand in it...more like I got dragged in and told, "Hey, Heavy Metal, you and Vertigo are the new Executors!" To which I said "Okay!" What the fuck am I going to say, when the entire Realm is on the line? It's like what happened when everyone else was compromised or down for the count, and the order went out to 'swear the oath!' Namely, the one that made Victor Univac a fellow. Shit. It's not like I've got a problem treating a construct as a person. It happened all the time--you can't tell me most of the Void Engineers were entirely human...But I'm letting too much leak here.

Got bullied by the idiot of a boxer, Phil. Both he and Jashem outright said we were starting an 'outright war' between the Traditions in Pittsburgh. Uh? Excuse me? When it was clearly stated that the current Chantry leadership is in place due to the threat to the Realm? When it was also stated that there are additions/revisions that can and will take place as necessary? I fail to see where we started a Tradition War. I'm wondering if this is just because Phil's opinion wasn't asked, and the two others who tended to raise a stink weren't around with him. I let too much info leak there, too, in regards to that Euthanatos cabal that was around in the weeks after Vertigo and I came to Pitt. Speaking of...I damn well better contact Justice. If Phil's threats are real (and I may as well treat them as they are), it seems that he's not just willing to eliminate Sleepers that get in his way, but his fellow mages as well. And I thought the Technocracy was bad...what the fuck have I gotten myself into here?

Katherine and I had a bit of luck locating Operand, but none rescuing him. At the moment, I am just not good enough at extraction ops. If you want information, hell, I can give you a truckload of that.

Speaking of information, it's time to go work on the underwater drone again. I might write a bit more later; I might not. Heavy Metal out.

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