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Amended Date: 4 October 2002.

Just a few anecdotes from the first of the bi-monthly "Meeting of the Mages" that usually happens in Pittsburgh. I will say the weather grows colder, I hurt more. I've got to wonder how long I'm going to be able to keep making it. Guess I'll find out after my ongoing physical therapy sessions...

Tobias seemed extremely thoughtful when I first hobbled myself into the back room of Val's cyber-cafe. Almost out of it. Considering he doesn't seem much of a wino for a guy who appears homeless, I asked him what was going on. He said his inspiration had given him something to think about, basically. I let it go, then, because I don't like to pry. I'd feel interrogated if someone asked me what Sijan thinks after he talked to me. So I dropped it.

Some of the others, including the little-boy Hermetic, Bobby, and A.J., one of the Cultists, were discussing some former Hermetic artifact that I briefly heard about during the so-called 'debates' over the Horizon Chantry. It seems that they were actually going to get it back from the gang that was using it, somehow, or replace it with a clever fake. Not that I know much about that version of magey crap, but I volunteered to go along anyway. In my own self-defense (because I'm sure Vertigo, my erstwhile partner-in-crime, will stumble over this 'captain's log' at some time or another), I did suggest taking the Wing, but the rest of the mages were iffy about it, because it IS larger than the Spectres I used to fly. Things went well to begin with, until some of the gangers actually used the table. Seems a pair of them ended up in the BACK of the van we were using. Since I was dinking around with the engine, feigning vaporlock, I wasn't aware of it at the time. At least, not exactly. I got told later that A.J. and Zack beat the heck out of them...which tends to make sense. I don't quite understand why Operand decided to go check out things in the back of the van, either. Note to self: He still has your pistol. Get it back. Eventually things degenerated into chaos, and I ended up being the person to 'drive' the van away from the scene, when the five gangers who'd appeared on the hill before the table was moved decided to try to chase us.

No, I am not a good driver, in high-stress situations. At least, not when it comes to ground vehicles. I suppose I'm lucky I didn't kill us all. I know Operand was as white as a sheet after I finally pulled over, but...what the hell was I supposed to do? Let the gangers catch up to us? Christ.

There's the story of why I take driving lessons now. The next one starts at 1000 hours, so I'd better finish this quick if I want to make it there on time.


Well, what I ended up doing was pausing the entry. The time is now 12:39. I still ache, but it's a pain that I can tolerate, at least for the moment. Back to trying to recount the events of last Friday.

Zack's workshop broke my brain. I mean, I knew the Sons of Ether had some interesting shit--Vertigo and the Wing, for example--but Zack's sort of took the cake. I wasn't aware he was a roleplayer. He had the Shadowrun Rigger's Guide...and he was putting it to GOOD USE, it seems. I think I'm afraid.

While we--we being myself, Operand, and Zack--were there, we got a phone call from Katherine. There was some Real Weird Shit going down at the cyber-cafe. It was resolved between the three of us that we'd better get our posteriors down there, so Zack herded us all into his souped-up PT Cruiser. Now that is one sweet car! Operand didn't seem to think so, though. Didn't know he got motion sick, but the first thing Zack did was hand him a barf bag. Which he actually made use of. I was impressed, Zack's car reaches takeoff speeds! Another note for me: Start carrying Dramamine. Especially if you're going to take Operand in the Wing. I doubt Vertigo wants clean-up duty. I know I don't.

As for the RWS...we've been having trouble with 'baby avatars' of late, meaning another avatar doubled-up with the primary one. It's not something I can perceive, but the people I've spoken to about it are people I trust (Tobias, for one), so I've considered it seriously. Something happened to set them off...some sort of magickal cloud-effect. It wasn't something I actually saw myself. I spent a lot of time with Katherine and Operand while the other two were in a Corr link (why I did not put one up myself, in retrospect, I can't say. I guess it's a throwback to my Air Force days, where I was used to getting information I could not see), passing me along information. Seems a Marauder was the cause. All I know now is that he ended up getting captured and later killed.

I understand the necessity of it, to some degree, but it doesn't mean I like it. After that, people pretty much drifted.

One more note to self--I've got to take some of these people drinking, sometime.

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