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Life has sucked, and sucked hard, for the past few months.

See, that deal with the devil? Turned out to be one for sure. Seems that new piece of eq that Dr. Ansid (not Anson, my bad) gave me opened up the Wing for a whole fucking slew of new problems. One of which was a freaking A.I. taking over the Wing and using it to bomb one of the Hermetics' hidey-holes.


Of course they thought it was us at first--who could blame them? The Wing IS practically synonymous with Vertigo and I, and now by extension, the chantry we've been trying to form. And then this happens?

Vertigo managed to get the Wing back--of course, it was in pieces. I haven't been writing in here much mainly because of that. Between having to rebuild the Wing from scratch, move out a lot of its information to new servers, continue building crap for the Chantry proper, and oh, let's not forget trying to continue what little private life I have outside work and being a mage...I've barely had time to remember my own damn name, much less write here. So now I get to go back over the past few months and try to remember what the hell has been going on.

Azure and I and a few other people have been trying to keep tabs on the Greek cults that seem to be popping up in Pittsburgh. We're still not entirely sure what it all means...some seem less harmful than others. I'm honestly not sure what that all means. Another thing about Azure--she and one of Spencer's brothers, Leslie, have definitely hooked up and become an item. Yeah, I've been a bit jealous about that. Especially considering my wonderful luck so far...

Kaiya White Phoenix, a mutual friend of Vertigo and I, showed up for a bit and paused in Pittsburgh to visit us. That wouldn't have been bad, except she had more luck with Marcus (the second new Akashic Brother) than I did. Heh. Vertigo says I am too subtle about announcing the fact I like someone...

Okay. So maybe he's right.

Honestly I haven't been entirely sure where to go from there. As is her want, Kaiya apologized and went her way. No big deal. Marcus apologized. No big deal. I'm just still not sure where to go from there. Do I still like him? Yes. I've forgiven him. I just...don't know what to do now.

Some together individual I am, huh?

What else have I been up to? There's almost too much shit to remember. I may as well go on to the most recent few endeavors. Like two weeks ago, when I helped Azure, Leslie and his brother Noogie, and the orphan Digger go off and stage a drug bust. Vertigo actually had a fit about that one, and honestly I don't think Marcus was too thrilled either. V thought I was slacking off and partying. You'd think he'd know me better by now. Marcus...I've got no idea what Marcus thought in the end. But maybe I was just trying to get back at him a bit by going on something of a date with Noogie. Noogie's a nice guy, but...he is just so not my type. It seems like he exists on an entirely separate plane of existance from what I'm used to. I can't exactly compute that...

This past Friday, we ended up having a serious Chantry meeting. Zack was back too--always a good thing. Turns out the mission was to go explore some of the old and now-defunct Nodes, to see if they're in use by the A.I that's been giving us hell. We all separated into groups--four of them, although I'm not sure about who exactly went there, in the end. I do know that Marcus, Mark Bryan, and I ended up being one of the groups, and we headed to this old church.

For once I can be sort of proud of myself, at least. No one injured, no property damage, no police cars called...just a quick in and out job, and we all worked pretty well together. It's actually damn nice to have shit like that go out without a hitch. No, hell was caught later, and mostly thanks to Noogie, Vertigo, and Doc Watson...those three are trouble magnets if I've ever freaking seen them. Their mission was heading through the of course they were the ones who found the Nephandi pit. They're all alive and well, at least for now, but...Christ.

Nephandi. More shit we don't need.

What we do need is a plan.

Heavy Metal out.

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on 2003-11-11 05:33 pm (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
I kinda feel like everything's in freefall at the moment. I'd like to feel that there is one thing in my life that I know where it's going. I wish I had some idea where so many things stood... I really don't know what I'm saying.



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